Sunday School

                             Adult Classes


Young Adults – The Well: learning in the Library

A group of young adults who gather to discuss their faith in the context of 21st century life. This is a come-when-you-can class that utilizes social media and web resources to facilitate group discussion.

J.O.Y.  learning in room 127

A class of intergenerational adults who diligently study the United Methodist Publishing House curriculum, Adult Bible Studies.

Great Expectations:  learning in Fellowship Hall

A group  of couples and singles.  A welcoming atmosphere of learning and discussion of many Christian-related topics. Guest speakers are also invited for programs.“

Men’s Discussion:  learning in room 107

A small group of mature Christian gentlemen who discuss current topics of the church and society.

Open Hearts & Open Minds:  learning in 200

A discussion-oriented adult class for those ages    20-80 that provides an opportunity for participants to experience spiritual growth through exploring how the teachings of Jesus Christ apply to current issues.

Seekers:  learning in room 201

40s and up (couples and singles) who explore a variety of topics from Bible study to current Christian authors, mixing class discussion and lecture.

Come As You Are:  learning in Room 202

“Come As You Are” is envisioned as a Sunday School class for those that do not have a small group home, and desire to have a place that encourages spiritual growth and accountability despite the struggles we  often face in daily life.

A Maze of Grace:  learning in Room 203-205

A younger adult age group that relies on their faith, friendships and family to navigate through the maze of life.

F.I.S.H. on Route 66:  learning in room 206

A group of adults that enjoy learning from each other.  Their first venture together is studying books of the Bible, with different class members offering information they may have, as well as questions for each other to discuss.  It is a great group for someone who would like to share in the faith journeys of others.

Open Door:  learning in room 214

An adult class composed of all ages.  The class provides friendly fellowship and welcomes informative study, ranging from current events to discussion on Christian documentaries.

Questors:  learning in the Thackston Room FLC

An active group of middle-aged + couples and singles studying God’s word in a variety of selected materials.  Teachers/discussion leaders are volunteers from within the class.